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training opportunities


Training for Advanced Diploma of Disability will commence at the Braybrook and Maidstone Neighbourhood House on Friday February 12th at 10am. Once per month ongoing through out the year. Please ring 1300 275 282 for bookings

Customised Training is a Registered Training Organisation. They offer 26 nationally recognised qualifications in Early Childhood Education and Care, Disability, Community Services, Education Support and Business and Construction at the Certificate 111, Certificate 1V, Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels. As a part of their service they also offer a host of professional development workshops and short courses that have been tailored to the individual needs of each industry sector. For more information please call 1300 275 282

About Us

Our organisation is made up of residents who live in Braybrook and Maidstone and surounding areas and are committed to listening to and representing local people.We believe residents should have a strong say in decisions that are made about their community. We work with partner organisations to harness available resources and support initiatives that strengthen the community.Together we are building a community to be proud of.

How you can join in!

You could:

To find out more, follow one of the above links,drop in to the house, or contact us at  or 9317 5610.

Our statement of purpose

The Braybrook and Maidstone Neighbourhood House Inc is a non-profit and charitable institution. The central purpose of the Braybrook and Maidstone Neighbourhood House is to provide direct relief from poverty, misfortune and helplessness to the residents of the Braybrook and Maidstone through the services it provides. 

Braybrook and Maidstone are routinely ranked amongst the most socio-economically disadvantaged areas in Victoria[1]. The Braybrook and Maidstone Neighbourhood House is centrally focused on the direct provision of services which relieve the severe disadvantage and alleviate the poverty, misfortune and helplessness with which its members are burdened.

The Braybrook and Maidstone Neighbourhood house shall provide a free legal advice service, in conjunction with the Anglicare .. This legal service is directly focused on helping needy and underprivileged residents of Braybrook, Maidstone and surrounding area's to handle their legal affairs and in doing so alleviate the effects of poverty and helplessness.


Braybrook and Maidstone Neighbourhood House will:

  • Work to provide access to notions of equality and racial justice to all individuals, through life long learning opportunities in the community.
  • Work to encourage and expand the personal awareness of  capabilities and opportunities for their members and users.
  • Endeavour to identify and to respond to social justice needs within the community.
  • Provide an open and caring environment where individuals and groups can explore and achieve their full potential.
  • Work to help people recognise and respect the diverse cultural and educational backgrounds of the community.
  • Work to help public tenants in the area integrate with other members of the community.

Furthermore, in Braybrook and Maidstone Neighbourhood House believes that all individuals have a right to enrich their own lives, through access to social, community and educational interaction.

To provide an active role in defining and achieving a vision for a better community in the Braybrook and Maidstone Neighbourhood.
  • To contribute to the research and identification of community needs, interests and aspirations in the Braybrook and Maidstone Neighbourhood and facilitate the voice of the Neighbourhood.
  • To develop and support initiatives, and harness available resources, in response to expressed needs affecting community life in the Braybrook and Maidstone Neighbourhood.
  • To liaise with and offer support to other community initiatives that are consistent with the purpose of the Association.


This program is run in partnership with Co Health and the Purpose of the program is to assist people to live successfully with diabetes. If you have Type 2 diabetes, or care for someone, or have a friend or family member that has diabetes. This program will help you to become familiar with the issues. People of all backgrounds are encouraged to attend. 





TIME: 1.15PM

To make a booking please ring 9317 5610 or email or text or ring 0428904068






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